Original French M-1874 Officer's Private Purchase 11mm Revolver by Chamelot & Delvigne

Item Description

Original item: Only One Available. In 1873 the French Military standardized on the M-1873 Trooper's 11mm Double-Action Revolver, featuring a plain smooth cylinder. Made famous by their use in the "MUMMY" series of adventure Movies starting in 1999 starring Brendan Fraser, who wore a brace of these in shoulder holsters.

This is the Model of 1874, the Officer's Private Purchase commercial equivalient revolver also in 11mm, however including a fluted cylinder and darker blued finish. Our example was made by the famous French firm of CHAMELOT & DELVIGNE, the company who originally designed the Modele 1873, and is marked as such on the barrel with their commercial marking. Just like the British Army of the day Officer's were expected to supply themselves with their own sidearms, and the French and Belgian Gun Trade was delighted to supply this wealthy market.

Our example is in fine condition well marked with Maker details on the left side of the barrel.  Right side of frame, barrel, and cylinder have (star) / N proofs, and the cylinder has the E / LG / (star) proof mark of Leige, Belgium.  As this is a private purchase / commercial version, it does not have the military markings that a St. Etienne Arsenal produced revolver wood, and does not have the Model 1874 stamped on it, however it is totally correct for a private purchase model. The barrel is in very good condition, with strong lands and grooves, and little signs of use.

The wood grips have nice original finish with strong checkering and a good tight fit with no damage. The original lanyard ring is also present and solid. Overall finish is good but worn in places, as expected of a service revolver.

This model basically became obsolete in 1892 with the adoption of the 8mm Lebel revolver cartridge.

Cleaned and Ready to Display, ANTIQUE. A great addition to any collection.

History of the model 1873-74 Chamelot-Delvigne Service Revolver:

The service revolver model 1873 Chamelot-Delvigne was the first double-action revolver used by the French Army. It was produced by Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne from 1873 to 1887 in about 337,000 copies. Although replaced by the Modele 1892 revolver, it was nevertheless widely used during the First World War, and issued to reserve units in 1940. The Resistance made widespread use of it during the Occupation.

The model 1874, of which 35,000 were made, was an officer version. It differs from model 1873 by a lighter structure and a darker finish. Many civilians copies were made in France and Belgium.

Both the 1873 and the 1874 use a 11mm cartridge which proved to have an insufficient velocity. The weapons themselves were very reliable and resistant.

A Navy version was also produced. A more powerful cartridge was produced for this version, but production ceased and they turned to the regular ammunition when the stocks were depleted

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