Original French Hunting Sword with Engraved Hilt featuring Nude Ladies - circa 1700

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. Even 300 plus years ago, reposing nude ladies had their followers. This is a Classic French Hunting sword, intended to finally dispatch wounded game. It is brass mounted with FOUR sets of cameos, showing naked ladies from front and rear, two on the pommel and another two on the guard on either side where the blade meets the hilt.The grip is of fluted wood, possibly ebony and the hilt measures 5 1/2" overall. The single edged blade has one fuller down each side and measures 23" in length giving an overall length to the sword of 28 1/2".

They certainly liked the fully figured ladies in those days, very Rubenesque, no doubt explained away as homage to the Goddess Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Hunt. In Greek mythology she was known as Artemis.

Dating to the turn of the end of the 1600's this could date from as late as 1750.Most assuredly French, most attractive and ready to display!

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