Original French Flintlock Pistol Circa 1750 - Quebec Connection

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Original Item: Dating from the 1750s this is a lovely small French made flintlock pistol measuring just 11 inches overall with a 5.75 inch barrel, commonly referred to as an overcoat pistol as it was usually concealed and carried for self defense purposes.

Interesting features include; spurred iron butt cap with scalloped iron trigger guard and side plate, the form of this pistol is typically French from the second quarter of the 18th century period. The lock is signed Bte.Terest and the hammer is fitted with a small dog safety catch to secure the hammer at half cock so that it would be safe to be carried, fully loaded, in an overcoat pocket without fear of premature discharge.

The barrel is scroll engraved and shows remains of gold inlay. The iron-mounted ramrod is original and retains its corkscrew used for either drawing a charge or for cleaning the bore.

The wood stock bears some floral carvings and most interestingly of all, this pistol bears a silver escutcheon, somewhat worn with 250 years of polishing that appears to read:

L. De M. over Quebec

Presumably a French resident who was present and witnessed the great Battle for the City in 1759, which won Canada for the British.

This is a fine and desirable example of a French and Indian Wars Flintlock pistol with a Quebec connection.

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