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Original French F2 CCE Field Bigeard Cap Desert Camouflage with Swallowtail Neck Flap

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Original Items: The beloved Bigeard, one of history’s coolest military headpieces ever made with the two-prong "swallowtail" protecting the neck. Known as the Bigeard in France, after its creator Marcel Bigeard, an officer in the (among others) the war in Indochina. This unique style creates the famous 'casquette Bigeard' cap from the 'excess' material of the long shorts in the standard uniform.

Since then many armies have copied the design, known as the "swallowtail cap" in English or "Kiko" in Portuguese. From its roots in Indochina the Bigeard has moved far and wide, the style was one of the most copied designs in the many little wars that tore through Africa in the late 1900's.

Unissued military surplus, in perfect condition.

• Lightweight polyester / cotton fabric in a Desert Camo pattern
• Most popular 4-color CCE (Camouflage Centre European) camo
• Swallowtail Neck flap
• Brim with reinforcing circular stitching. Machine washable.
• Genuine French Army Issue, Grade I (new never issued)

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