Original Flobert System Single Shot Target Pistol- Circa 1870

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Louis Nicolas Auguste Flobert of Paris established business in 1819 and the concern lasted until 1894. He was notable for what became known as the Flobert system of a breech loading small caliber single shot handgun, originally intended for "indoor" target practice.

Basically consisting of a hammer which when pulled back into the cocked position allowed the breech block to be lifted exposing the chamber and at the same time ejecting any spent cartridge. Very popular at the time, indoor shooting even included the German Scheutzen Rifles, which allowed a summertime sport to become a year round activity.

This example, actually manufactured in Liege, Belgium is a fine example and features well-done adornments of the day with an elaborate trigger guard and neo-gothic grip pommel.

Caliber 9mm, rifled bore, octagonal barrel. Barrel length is 28.3cm (11 inches) and overall length is about 45cm (17.5 Inches).

There is an unknown screw mounting to the front of the trigger guard that has us stumped, possibly to assist static mounting? We have no idea.

Very nicely made and in truly excellent condition. High quality Flobert System examples are always hard to find.

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