Original Finnish WWII M32 Inert Egg Hand Grenade - Model 32 Mortar Shell

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an exceptionally rare excellent totally genuine BATF approved inert Finnish WWII M32 Hand Grenade Mortar Shell M32.

This 47mm mortar shell was used by the Finnish army during WW2, and had a System 32 fuse fitted. The tail section was removed and the base was sealed with a plug. It was used as an offensive hand grenade despite the mortar name.

The fuse is an M32. Rather simple fuse design, but apparently reliable design which remained as the standard fuse type for these grenades through World War 2. Nothing suggests that there are real problems with fragmentation of these grenades (besides fragmentation pattern probably being very random - like in most hand grenades of the era). The reason why there was no problems with fragmentation might be related to fact that the Finns used only TNT in hand grenades that they manufactured - not some less effective explosive. This example is even marked TNT / EN over AL / 40, indicating the explosive inside, and probably the year of manufacture.

Offered in overall excellent condition, these are exceptionally difficult to find in the U.S. collector's market. This example still has the top and bottom unscrew, and also retains the aluminum shield for the fuse.

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