Original Finnish Winter War Russian 50mm Mortar Round Converted Hand Grenade - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally inert BATF approved grenade. This started life as a Soviet issue 50mm HE Mortar head which was captured by the Finns during the Winter War and converted to a hand grenade using a UZGRM fuze. Little is known about the improvised weapons, but today they are some of the most scarce of all WW2 ordnance.

The UZRGM (Universal'nyi Zapal, Ruchnaya Granata, Modernizirovannyi) “Universal Igniter, Hand Grenade, Improved") fuze is a universal Russian type also used in the RG-41, RG-42, RGO-78, RGN-86 and RGD-5 grenades. The standard time delay for this fuze is 3.5 to 4 seconds. However, UZRGM fuze variants are available which give delays between zero (i.e., instantaneous, specifically for use in booby-traps) and 13 seconds. It is possible to hear a loud "pop" as the fuze ignites and begins to burn.
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