Original Extremely Rare German WWII Army Heer Standard Bearer Gorget with Partial Chain by C.E. Juncker Berlin

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Gorgets hold an interesting place in history, as they are a throw-back to the days of knights, when suits of armor included a neck protection device called a Gorget. They have been used since that time to identify membership or function in various military and police organizations, and Gorgets were thoroughly used during the Third Reich.

This is an EXTREMELY rare gorget to find, in any condition. The German Heer (Army) standard bearer's gorget, introduced in 1936, is absolutely one of the most desirable and handsome of all gorgets issued by the third reich.  The half moon-shaped back plate is made of a heavy alloy with a shiny finish (nickel and silver). The insignia is two crossed army standards, with the heer eagle on them, with a highly detailed army eagle in the center, over a sprig of oak leaves. There are also large oak leaf sprigs at either corner, attached to two buttons in the corners. There is some fading to the silver due to wear and age, but it still retains all of the original detail, both on the background and attached insignia.

The reverse has the three prongs and and a field gray felt backing, which was originally glued in place, but is now partly detached. The center prong is maker marked C.E. JUNCKER / BERLIN, which is a known maker of these extremely rare gorgets. The original chain is present, however it is missing many of the links, so it is only about half as long as it should be.

A fantastic chance to own one of the most sought after German WWII gorgets, ready to display!

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