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Original Exquisite 17th century Dutch Bronze Signal Cannon on Ornately Painted Wooden Field Carriage

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Original Item: One of a Kind. Company director Christian Cranmer just found this magnificent piece during one of his recent expeditions in New England, and this is really just fantastic, the REAL DEAL! Here we have a truly exquisite 17th Century Bronze Signal Cannon from the Netherlands, which during the 17th century were a major world power. We surmise that this signal cannon was probably used to call luncheon or something similar while in the field. Looking at it, it is hard to tell that it is just a small signal cannon, as the proportions are still mostly correct.

The bronze barrel is of the highest quality, made just like their larger cannons for naval and field use, with everything totally correct, down to the elegant decorations running around it. Centuries of careful cleaning have not diminished them at all, and the barrel has a simply marvelous patina to the bronze. It has a bore of about 0.60", measuring 10 3/4 inches in overall length, an exact scaled down example, probably modeled off a 24 pounder of the time.

The cannon is mounted on a wooden field carriage, which features lovely iron wheels with brass hubs, hand crafted centuries ago. It is quite substantially built, a scaled down example of the European field carriages of the day. We can see that there used to be "cap squares" in place over the barrel trunions to keep it in place, however they are no long present, though the threaded bolts they attached to still are. The wheels move smoothly, though they do have a bit of wobble.

The wooden portion of the carriage was painted with a black base coat, which was then decorated with beautiful paint work, showing stands of arms, coats of arms, and other heraldry. The paint is well checked and ancient, and we have no doubts that it was painted around the period it was originally made during. We unfortunately were not able to identify any of the coats of arms that are marked on the carriage.

A truly fantastic collector's opportunity for a real work of military art. Ready to research and display!

Specifications (Barrel):-
Year of Manufacture: 17th Century
Bore Diameter: 0.60"
Ammunition Type: Powder Only
Overall Length: 10 3/4 inches
Width at Trunion: 2 1/4 inches
Ignition Type: Touch Hole
Feed System: Muzzle Loaded

Specifications (Carriage):-
Overall length: 17 inches
Length of Carriage: 15 1/2
Width of Carriage Base: 3 5/8 inches
Width at axles: 7 1/2 inches
Wheel Width: 5 5/8"

Specifications (Combined):-
Overall Length: 19"
Overall Height: 6 1/4"

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