Original European Nations Cold War Era Helmet Lot - 5 Items

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a very nice collection of helmets from various time periods and countries. All helmets are complete with liners and are offered in great condition. This is a wonderful lot to pick up if you are looking to either start collecting helmets or are just wanting to add these really nice examples to your already existing ones.

The following 5 helmets are included in this lot:

- French Modèle 1951 Gendarmerie Helmet: The Modèle 1951 helmet was a military helmet used by the French military (Army, Navy, Air Force and Gendarmerie), iconic of the Algerian War. It replaced a variety of helmets used during the Second World War, including the Adrian helmet, Modèle 1945 helmet and American-supplied M1 Helmet. The Modèle 1951 was designed to have the same general shape as the US M1 Helmet, in an effort towards standardisation within NATO. The two differ in that the M1 has a longer visor and a more pronounced downwards slope on the sides. The M1 also has a nape strap while the Modèle 1951 does not. Dated 1975.

- Warsaw Pact Soviet SSh-68: This is a beautiful helmet in near mint condition, with only scratches and scuffs on the outside of the shell. The helmet is complete and still has stamps present on the inside. The SSh-68 is a steel combat helmet of the Soviet and then Russian Armed Forces. The SSh-68 is a further development of the SSh-60 helmet. It differs primarily in its greater strength, greater front slope of the dome and the shorter outer edge. It is usually painted in dark green. The SSh-68 was used by the armed forces of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies, and others. Today, it is still in service in most countries of the CIS, as well as Vietnam, North Korea and Afghanistan. Due to the introduction of improved helmets starting with the original 6B7, the SSh-68 was progressively withdrawn from service. In the Russian Armed Forces, the final examples are being gradually replaced by the newer 6B7-1M and 6B47 helmets.

- Dutch Brodie Style Civil Defense Helmet: This is a "tommy" style helmet, made in 1955 by the Verblifa Co. for use by Dutch Civil Defense personnel.

- Unidentified WW1 Style German Helmet: This appears to be a clone or possible reproduction with aged hardware and fake decals.

- American Model C-3 Police Riot Helmet: This is a polycarbonate non-ballistic helmet with an expanded polystyrene liner. There is no significant damage that can be found. Does not come with a face shield. Made by Premier Crown Corps and dated 1996.

This is a wonderful opportunity to add 5 beautiful helmets to your collections. All come ready for display!

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