Original European Flintlock Hunting Sword Pistol by E. Kleiner of Vienna circa 1700 - Hirschfänger

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is a remarkable and possibly very early Flintlock pistol and hunting Sword combination weapon. Made and marked by E. KLEINER, IN WIEN, a member of the famous Kleiner family of Gun Makers, who started business in Vienna in 1674 and continued for at least thee generations. Often called Hirschfängers, Sword pistols of this type were intended for bleeding out and eventually dispatching wounded game like wild boar and deer that could still be very dangerous to the hunter when lying disabled.

Our example has an overall length of 29 inches, with a 25 inch curved blade engraved with "Turks Heads", to commemorate the Ottoman Siege of Vienna in the 1680s. The cross guard and hilt mounts are all of engraved brass. The flintlock mechanism lays on the right side of the blade, with a brass frame that extends up past the pan. The frame engraved with a wild board and surrounded by the maker's details. The 2" screw-off barrel is cannon shaped and the mainspring hangs exposed directly beneath the barrel. The iron trigger suspends beneath the action and effectively becomes the lower arm of the cross guard.

Most interesting of all is the green dyed horn grip, which is beautifully but simply carved to expose the grain of the horn. We suspect this was meant to give it the appearance of being made of Jade. It is mounted in brass at the collar behind the cross guard and rear at the pommel. 

A very attractive and interesting Hunting Hanger with combination flintlock pistol from a famous family of Gun Makers in Vienna. Ready to display.

Hirschfänger; Hirshfanger=Hirsh, Fanger=stag catcher. The Hirschfänger is a centuries old traditional German hunting sword. It was used to bleed out prey. During WWII these were a coveted War Trophy by American GI's during WWll. As towns were captured on German soil, the Burgermeister was instructed to gather all weapons to the town square. This would include firearms and edged weapons. The advancing soldiers took souvenirs, many of which were the Hirschfängers.


Year of Manufacture: circa 1700
Caliber: .40 inches
Ammunition Type: lead ball and powder
Barrel Length: Approx 3 inches.
Overall Length: 5 inches - Sword is 29 overall

Action: Top Action Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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