Original European Continental Double Barrel Box Lock Percussion Pistol - Circa 1840

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. Produced mostly in Belgium this is a LIFE SAVER: a small Double Barrel percussion cap pocket pistol that could easily carried in a coat pocket. In the dank times of Dickensian London and Paris and New York for that matter CRIME was rife! Foot pads and thugs were everywhere.

These small, then inexpensive pistols were the rage for self protection. Shipped over to the United States in great quantities who knows how many lives were saved or taken. Three inch octagonal barrels with two triggers each discharging the barrel on its own side. The grip is bulbous wood and there is a substantial trigger guard to prevent the pistol discharging while being transported in a coat pocket.

Unadorned this was a tool not a work of art. These were carried by Gentlemen, Traders, Bankers, Gamblers, and many others. The bore is approximately .43 caliber smooth bore, and the condition is quite nice, though without the fit and finish of more expensive weapons. One of the two screws to the rear of the trigger guard is missing, and the right side action sear is not functional, so the hammer will not hold half of full cock. The left side action works correctly.

An interesting continental pistol, ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1840
Caliber: .43 inches
Ammunition Type: cap and ball
Overall Length: 7 inches
Barrel Length: 3 inches

Action: Percussion Box Lock
Feed System: Single Shot - 2 Barrels

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