Original European Circa 1875 Remington Rolling Block Pistol Pair in Fitted Case with Accessories

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. Adopted by the U.S. Army in 1871 in .50 caliber this system was based on Remington's Patent of 1866. Of course, Remington Rolling Block rifles are very plentiful, however single shot Remington Rolling block pistols are extremely hard to come by. Here we have a Fabulous pair of very high quality civilian pistols, made in Europe and fully cased in the continental style with multiple accessories.

The wood case measures 18" x 10" x 2 3/4". The case is lined is green felt with silhouette compartments for both pistols and the related cartridge re-loading tools included. The lining is a bit worn from age and use, so some care is needed when placing the items in the case. There is a lidded compartment full of old cast lead bullets that have turned white with age. There is a cleaning rod, a bullet mold with 320 marked on it, a powder measure with handle and a cartridge re-loading tool with crimper, also marked 320. We assumed that this might be for .320 caliber, but the bores are only around .315, so it may be just a serial number for the set.

The pistols themselves have 10" octagonal barrels and are quite smart looking. Interestingly, the trigger guards double as the action opening levers that when lowered retract the rolling block which ejects the spent cartridge case whilst re-cocking the hammer. When put back in its original position against the pistol grip the action is fully closed, cocked and ready to discharge the next round. This is definitely a step up from the standard rolling block, which requires all of this to be done manually in separate steps.

The action is tastefully and moderately engraved in panels and the elaborate wood grip scales are checkered and most comfortable for the target shooting these were originally intended for. The only markings present on the pistols are (CROWN) / V on the action and barrel, which usually represents that it was "viewed" at the London Proof House. These were very possibly bespoke, and that may explain the total lack of markings, as the maker may not have been a licensed Remington manufacturer. The condition on these pistols is just great, and they function correctly as well. The bores are very nice, with little sign of use, having bright finishes with clear lands and grooves.

The wood case has its handle mounts with rings but the probably briefcase style leather handle is now absent. The case has an escutcheon plate to center of lid for a coat of arms or a gentleman's initials. It is now unmarked. The good news is that the case comes complete with working key.

A truly superior set dating to the 1870's when both in the United States and Europe, target shooting, both indoor and outside, was becoming a very popular pastime for the wealthy.

Cleaned and ready to display!


Years of Manufacture: c.1875
Caliber: approx .315"
Ammunition Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 10  inches

Overall Length: 16 inches
Action: Rolling Block
Feed System: Single Shot

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