Original English Flintlock Ducks Foot Cased Pistol Set by King of London

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Acquired from an old English collection comes this fascinating Flintlock Duck's Foot Pistol Set by King of London who worked from 1770 to1810.

An iron frame pistol with four 3-inch cannon barrels measuring 9 inches in overall length. The frame engraved with maker's name KING to either side. The wood grip nicely inlaid with intricate silver wire scrollwork. The pistol's most notable feature is the decoration on the underside behind the barrels which displays a silver oval inlay stating:


Then listing in scrollwork Nelson's three great naval triumphs:


The pistol comes inside a custom-made fine hardwood brass bound case with maroon velvet lining. The custom fit partitions seat a powder flask, bullet mold contained inside a lidded compartment are some old lead balls. In addition there is a stick of sealing wax and small silver sauce pan in which to melt it, a compartment holding a bone gripped "Swiss Army Knife" of the day, with blades, one broken, and a pair of patch cutting scissors.

Also included is a most interesting pair of 18th century spectacles, in white metal, perhaps silver frames, some sort of maker's or hallmark evident, complete with adjustable arms, absolutely charming.

Last of all a sterling silver snuffbox with hinged lid, displaying a raised fouled Anchor to top, with an interior Gold washed showing clear Hallmarks, including a very clear head of the monarch,

King George the Third and a date letter M (for 1807).

The only drawback is that the case is absent it's key and it appears that the maker's trade label has been removed from the inside lid. Some slight wear to the velvet lining especially where the four barrels have laid over 200 years.

A unique and lovely set offered in fine collectible condition.

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