Original English Edwardian Era Barrister Inscribed Wig Tin

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. From a very small collection of inscribed painted antique document boxes this is a very interesting example with American connections.

Measuring 12-inches x 8-inches x 6.5-inches this is a British Barrister's Wig Tin. In Britain the client deals with a solicitor who in turn deals with a Barrister. It's only Barristers who wear Wigs and Gowns and are the equivalent of U.S. trial attorneys.

This particular Tin was made over 100 years ago by the firm of Hobbs and Co. which was started by an American, Alfred Charles Hobbs, born in Boston in 1812. Hobbs gained fame by visiting the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 and successfully picking the famous "CHUBB" and "BRAMAH" locks and this resulted in Hobbs opening his own lock company in London in 1852.

The Wig Tin is marked on the front:


Kings Counsel was the highest status for British trial attorneys. The lid of the tin, somewhat age soiled, depicts a hand painted Barrister's Wig. Upon opening the tin the underside displays a rather corpulent wigged lawyer wearing what can best be described as a smirk, with a "title" beneath saying "THE LAWYER".

However, when one inverts the lid and looks from the other side the very same illustration now appears as "THE CLIENT" and shows an 18th century roughneck in a tricorne hat, a charming and very clever piece of artwork.

Surely someone has a Trial Lawyer in the family?

Dating from just over 100 years ago 1900-1910 this has to be the most alluring Wig Tins to come to the collector's market in years.

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