Original Egyptian Army Issue P-1822 Wilkinson Sword Company Saber with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Very few available. The Pattern 1822 is one of the rarest Wilkinson Sword Company sabers to be produced. In fact, this model is actually based off the French M-1822 and was made expressly for Egypt once Great Britain had effectively taken the bankrupt country over in 1879. The French were sharing control until 1884 when the Egyptian Army rebelled and France left England to handle the problem.

Thereafter British influence flourished, however, some French tastes remained and in an effort to cooperate Britain supplied the Egyptian Army with these Light Cavalry Sabers, in the French style, and Britain’s premier Sword Maker Wilkinson Sword Company produced all.

Each 35-inch curved blade is clearly marked:


The brass hilt is the typical French three bar guard but the grip is not leather but shark skin and wire bound. The scabbards are all steel with two early 19th century style suspension rings.

Showing no Arab or Egyptian markings whatsoever this particular model saber is not only exceptional rare but all are offered in truly wonderful condition.

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