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Original East India Company Third Model Brown Bess and P-1842 Musket Leather Sling

Item Description

Original Item: Included on many of our P-1842 Muskets, that we secured from Nepal in 2003, known to the British East India Company as the Patterns "E" and "F", depending on Bayonet fitting, were some original thong secured brown leather musket slings. Other than being on the P-1842 muskets and some 3rd Model Brown Bess muskets we never had seen these before.

Interestingly, later British slings, especially the Martini series and the WW1 leather SMLE series were also leather thong secured but had the holes on either side of the sling- horizontally. However, for whatever reason, these earlier Musket slings have holes that run along the length of the sling in pairs. Securing the sling therefore means matching two pairs of vertical holes and passing the thong through the four matching holes to tie off.

The lower swivel takes the sling end with only the two pairs of holes, the other sling end which had several sets of matching pairs to choose from allowed for sling length adjustment and was secured to the upper, most forward swivel. Clearly of quality manufacture, most probably in England, since cows are considered religious objects in India, hence the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857-59.

Early British Leather Musket Slings with securing thongs (leather thongs may have been replaced). These slings also fit our 3rd Model Brown Bess muskets. Limited quantity offered for display purposes only, be very careful trying to carry full weight of musket, as leather may be 150 years old. Special Hand select is highly encouraged with this item. Width varies from about 7/8 " to 1 1/8", sometimes on the same sling due to age and wear. Overall length also varies considerably, from around 44 to 56 inches.

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