Original East India Company Model A Musket Circa 1840

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Original Item: Only One Available. On the weekend of September 21st IMA hosted, for the fourth time, The Victorian Riflemen's Shoot. As on the previous occasions shooters came from all over the country but this time from across the Atlantic! (Holland)

As a courtesy, IMA allows these collecting enthusiasts to sift through unsorted pallets of materials recovered from the old palace in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Victorian Riflemen members, being the experts they are, found many previously undiscovered weapons. This item appeared during the most recent visit.

Never offered before this is a true East India Company Model "A" .75 bore musket introduced in 1840. These "Company Muskets" as they were referred to, spread over 6 types A-F. Models A and B were conversions from Flintlock to Percussion using 6.8 inch length lock plates transformed to the percussion ignition system. The only difference between Model A and Model B is that in the earlier case the complete flintlock barrel was used with a brazed on nipple lump, where on the latter the rear part of the barrel was removed and replaced with a chambered breech plug with integral nipple lump and tang.

Models C/D use old series locks with a 6 inch lock plate that only looked like they had once been flintlock. Models E/F used "new series" locks that cleared were only ever made in Percussion. For further information on the types of EIC muskets please see David Harding's wonderful book "Small Arms of the East India Company" Volume 2 Pages 97-103.

Here we have a true PATTERN A MUSKET, converted from the original Flintlock, bearing an EIC Rampant Lion on the 6.8-inch lock plate. Full brass mounts including the simplified trigger guard.

The .75 bore 39 inch barrel bears multiple British proofs and inspector marks. Slight old worm damage to butt stock and a wood repair near butt plate. Complete with three ramrod pipes and S style brass side plate with securing screw to center.

A very collectible example of what is a very sought after and extremely rare EIC Musket.

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