Original East India Company Brown Bess Flintlock Musket Converted to Model A Percussion Company Musket

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This, of course, came from our purchase of antique firearms in Nepal in 2003. This is an extremely rare variant, in that it is one of the very few Model A Company Muskets we recovered. The big push to convert flintlock muskets to percussion was really initiated by the East India Company in the early 1830s, the British followed suit in 1839, late as usual.

These percussion muskets were known as company muskets and over almost 20 years a total of six distinct models were developed known as models A-F. In simple terms model A and model B were straight conversions of flintlock muskets. Model C and D were musket built from originally flintlock parts but were only assembled in percussion form. Models E and F were company muskets built using "New Series" locks that were purpose built as percussion.

The rarest of all company muskets are the Model A which retained the entire original flintlock barrel with the percussion block welded to the side of the breach. The Model B still used the original barrel but replaced the rear couple of inches with a fresh percussion section.

This fine example of an original EIC Model A company musket is a flintlock converted in the simplest fashion to percussion and retains the entire original barrel. The lock, which had been flintlock was retrofitted with a percussion hammer while the lock plate had the EIC logo removed and still shows the remains of the Gurkha crest which replaced the EIC Rampant Lion Logo and was added when the flintlock musket was taken into Gurkha service as aid from the British.

Completely inspected and fully cleaned this EIC Model A Company Musket is ready to display, a hard model to find at any time or place.

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