Original Early 19th Century Nepalese Bronze 8-Pounder Cannon

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fantastic totally original early 19th century bronze cannon tube that measures 62.5 inches when including the cascabel. The bore is 4 inches in diameter which designates this as an eight pounder (8-pounder). According to the Tower of London this size cannon is considered a Demi-culverin. The cannon is smooth bore and the touch hole is not spiked and remains intact (not shot out). See schematic scan for detailed measurements.

Watch IMA's own antique gun expert Alex evaluate and shoot a Bronze Cannon on History Channel's Pawn Stars:

This example features a muzzle loaded tube (or barrel) that is bronze, totally original and very heavy. This cannon tube has not been polished nor cleaned and retains most of the patina and stains from its approximate 170+ years of existence.

Originating from the British garrison in Kathmandu, Nepal where it has laid for at least the last 170+ years (see photos of the piles of bronze cannons we recovered) it is marked as a Nepalese founded example. Of all the cannons IMA recovered in Nepal this is the only tube that we can 100% identify as being Nepalese made. We can do this because of the double footprint symbol found on the top of the cascabel. The mark of Gorakhnath (two footprints) a religious symbol in Nepal was used on many musket barrels manufactured by the Nepalese in the early 19th century. A fascinating large bronze cannon tube with fantastic provenance.

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