Original Early 19th Century Imperial Russian Cossack Silver Inlaid Ball Butt Flintlock Pistol

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Just acquired from a private collection, this is a magnificent Flintlock Pistol with Ball trigger and Ball Butt. Fully inlaid with Mother of Pearl and silver wire, it never had a trigger guard and was worn in a waist sash. The Ball butt is of an Ivory like bone retaining wonderful aged patina of stress cracks from drying out over two hundred years and an almost nicotine stain color achieved only with age.

The barrel, which bears two Maker's cartouches, is 11" in length, and overall the pistol is 17 inches long. The embossed butt cover to the bottom of the ball is brass as is the only barrel band to front. There is no provision for a ram rod.

There is a ring on the underside of the butt/grip from which THREE IMPERIAL RUSSIAN 5 KOPECK COINS are suspended, each displaying the Imperial Russian Double headed Eagle. Each of these coins is suspended from a separate chain, and is marked with the value of 5 kopecks (5 КОЛѢЕКЪ). The two of the coins are dated 1843, while one is dated 1847.

These coins represent the ancient myth of Greek Mythology where the dead had to pay the KHARON, the Boatmen to ferry them across the STYX River into Hades and the afterlife. Many people were then buried with a coin in their mouths for this very purpose. A fighting warrior carried his "passage" attached to his weapon not knowing when the coins might be needed.

Dating to the early 1800 this fabulous Cossack Flintlock Pistol of classic design is a fine  example.  Ready to Display.


Year of Manufacture: Early 1800s
Caliber: .63" Pistol
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Overall Length: 17 Inches
Action: Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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