Original Dutch WWI M1895 Mannlicher Carbine No.1 New Model Dagger Bayonet with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. During the First World war, the Dutch armed forces issued a bayonet to be mounted on the Carbine No.1 Old Model. The reason behind this was that the Cavalry of other countries were also being issued bayonets. When the Dutch Cavalry and Mobile Artillery replaced their No.1 Old Model Carbine for the No.1 New Model Carbine, they also changed their converted Beaumont bayonets for a brand new type M1895 carbine bayonet.

This bayonet had a similar pommel as the bayonets for the No.3 and No.4 carbines, but had a double-edged (dagger) blade like the KNIL issued rifle bayonet. The bayonet measures 14 5/8 inches overall, with 9 7/8 inch long blade, which was intended as a thrusting weapon. The cross guard is marked with serial number 1808 P, and the ricasso with HEMBRUG. This was the trademark of Artillerie Inrichtingen, in Zaandam, referring to a swing bridge across the North Sea Canal that provided railroad access to the factory.  The Crown-B inspection mark is attributed to inspector E.B. Brossois. Inspector E.B. Brossois traveled to the contractors in Austria and Germany to inspect early shipments of the M1895 bayonet.

The bayonet is still in very good condition, with the main issue being some rusting around the handle, which we have left intact to preserve the patina. There is also a bit of finish wear on the blade. It is still as issued, with unsharpened sides, and overall has no nicks or other damage from use, just a bit of water damage. The wooden handle is in good shape, with secure rivets.

The leather scabbard with integral frog is in good condition, with the expected wear and damage from use and age. The leather is still soft, but has turned quite dark due to wear and oil. The securing strap is still intact, but a bit delicate. Also the brass rivets have slight verdigris buildup. Still, it is solid, and fits the bayonet well.

A somewhat rare Dutch bayonet from WWI, ready to display!

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