Original Dutch Netherlands WWI Era Model 1916 Army Infantry Officer Kepi

Item Description

Original Item: Only one Available. This World War One Era M1916 Kepie, or Kepi, was used for the Dutch army infantry Officier (officer) and was known as the Hoog (High) model kepi. It is marked with a number 1 on the front under the cockade, indicating the regiment it was issued to.

The kepi is in very good condition, with only moderate signs of wear. The Blue/Green felt outer has no issues with fading or moth damage whatsoever, just a few light stains. It features two rows of double bold bullion piping, indicating issue to an officer. Leather chin strap shows only light wear, and is fastened on with brass buttons featuring the Dutch "Lion" emblem. The bullion embroidered kokarde (cockade) is in great shape, with a gold cord running down to another gold Dutch 'Lion' button below it, which holds the cockade in place. Inside, the leather sweatband shows light wear. The rayon liner is intact and complete with some light staining.

Size is approximately 56 cm (US 7). High model Great War Era Dutch caps such as these, especially in this condition, are very hard to find.

The Netherlands remained neutral during World War I. This stance arose partly from a strict policy of neutrality in international affairs that started in 1830 with the secession of Belgium from the north. Dutch neutrality was not guaranteed by the major powers in Europe, nor was it a part of the Dutch constitution. The country's neutrality was based on the belief that its strategic position between the German Empire, German-occupied Belgium, and the British guaranteed its safety.

The Royal Netherlands Army was mobilized throughout the conflict, as belligerents regularly attempted to intimidate the Netherlands and place demands on it. In addition to providing a credible deterrence, the army had to house refugees, guard internment camps for captured soldiers, and prevent smuggling. The government also restricted the free movement of people, monitored spies, and took other wartime measures.

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