Original Dutch M1871 11.3mm Beaumont Bolt Action Military Rifle by Stevens of Maastricht

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Dutch Infantry Rifle made by Stevens of Maastricht in the Netherlands actually dated 1873. The model M71 was a single shot 11mm rifle that was converted to a bolt-action magazine rifle with a capacity of four rounds in 1888.

Still in use by the time WW1 came in 1914 but was much outclassed by the Mauser and Enfield rifle systems introduced in the late 1890s. This example is matching serial numbers (#Z811) and is in nice tight condition overall with a particularly crisp roundel stamp in the stock showing a "Crown" over "W" surrounded by "MAASTRICHT 1874".

An unusual system, the bolts spring is in fact housed inside the bolt handle from an era of great firearms development world wide, the dawn of the breach-loading period this is an unusual antique gun and not easy to find on the collector’s market.

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