Original Dutch Brass Barrel Swivel Gun from Ship ZEEROP- Dated 1806

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a most interesting and scarce item. A massive bell mouthed brass swivel flintlock, nearly a hand cannon, complete with original spiked mounting yoke that was situated on a ship's rail to repel boarders.

The flintlock mechanism has a brass lock plate and pan and all the mounts, butt plates, trigger guard and such are also constructed of brass. The massive brass barrel measures 23" inches overall, half octagonal and half round. The bell mouth muzzle measures a massive 3" across.

The weapon appears to be unmarked other than an N over an anchor stamped at the rear of the barrel and a large oval brass plate 3.5" x 2.75" inlaid into the butt stock engraved as follows:-

Taken from the Dutch Ship




Oct. 18th. 1806

A quick visit to Wikipedia tells us of this memorable action the main event being H.M.S. Caroline's capture of the Dutch Warship "MARIA RIGGERSBERGEN", the Gun boat "ZEELOP" being one of the escort vessels. Known as the Battle of Batavia this all took place in the Dutch East Indies known nowadays as Indonesia. This fascinating Blunderbuss sat for many years in an English Naval Collection that was sold well over a decade ago.

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