Original Danish Regimental Marked M-1829 Percussion Jaeger Rifle-Musket dated 1833

Item Description

Original Item. Only One Available. These Jaeger Rifle-Musket Carbine style rifles are quite rare today, and research indicates that only around 2,200 produced by Kongsberg Arsenal in the 19th century. These were intended for use by NCOs in "Jaeger" units and other light infantry, and are in .69 caliber, with heavily rifled barrels.

This example is marked on the lock plate with the model, date and serial number under a Crown over K proof mark: M-1829 /1833 - 499. It is also marked 1833 / 499 on the barrel knoxform, and 499 on the trigger guard. There also appears to be 1833 - 499 on the breech plug/ cap lock bolster, but powder corrosion has made the marking unclear.

The barrel retains the Regimental markings of:- 8 _ LI _ B.4C _ 3., indicating use by a Light Infantry (Chasseur) regiment. It also bears unit number 4C.3. on the trigger guard and the brass left side plate. It comes complete with it's heavy steel brass-tipped ramrod and RARE iron lidded patch box in the butt, (to open just press the catch in). There is also a ghost of a stock proof just forward of the butt plate tang.

The rear sight is a simple fixed sight, though it does seem to have a type of adjustment that is no longer functional. Metal condition is good, but there is a good amount of past pitting, especially around the breech end of the barrel and on the hammer. Brass fittings are in good polished condition, and the stock is in good original condition, though it does have some worm damage.

Ready to Display.

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