Original Danish-Norwegian M1774 Jaeger Flintlock Rifle

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. It is very rare and most unusual to find an example of this pre-Napoleonic War Danish Jaeger Rifle still with the original Dog Lock and flintlock ignition system. Most of these Model 1774 flintlocks were converted in the 1840s to percussion system and even they are relatively hard to find today.

Denmark foolishly chose to support the French in the Napoleonic Wars and were well beaten by the British in 1801 at the Battle of Copenhagen and again in 1808. After the defeat of the Emperor Napoleon Denmark lost Norway which it had controlled for the previous 250 years which explains why so many of their weapons were of identical model and style in the early 19th century.

This is a rare Jaeger rifle and has a 35" heavily rifled bore, the weapon being 50" in overall length. It is fully stocked to within an inch of the muzzle and has brass mounts. There is a bayonet stand on the right hand side of the octagonal barrel, which was designed to accommodate a sword bayonet.

The lock of early design features a "Dog" safety catch and another early feature is that the barrel tang screw rises from the trigger guard and not the other way around. The butt is made of beechwood and has a wood lidded patch box. The brass butt plate is stamped C.C.6 6 and the rifles comes complete with a heavy steel ramrod.

A rare and interesting Jaeger rifle from the last quarter of the 18th century.

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