Original Danish Model 1772 Flintlock Dragoon and Naval Pistol

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is the classic large Flintlock pistol which served both with the Army's Dragoons and the Danish Navy from it's adoption in 1772 and throughout the Napoleonic Wars when Denmark took the side of the French.

Denmark was effectively eliminated as a fighting force with the Naval Battle of Copenhagen in 1801. This was the Battle when then Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson ignored the order "to withdraw from his commanding Admiral Sir Hyde Parker by putting his telescope to his "Blind eye" saying "I see no signal". He then went onto to completely decimate both the Danish and Norwegian fleets. The Battle of Copenhagen has always been regarded as Nelson's hardest battle.

This Danish Flintlock Pistol has a 13-inch barrel proofed with the cypher of C.7. for King Christian the Seventh. The pistol is 20 inches overall length and has all brass mounts.

A Classic Military Flintlock Pistol that faced England during the Napoleonic Wars, complete with all steel ramrod.

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