Original Danish Experimental Anti-Cavalry M1915 T-Back Bayonet for Krag–Jørgensen M/89 Rifle with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. These bayonets are exceedingly rare, and this is the only example we have ever encountered! It is also in fantastic nearly unissued condition! WWI was pretty much the end of mounted cavalry, but that did not stop many countries coming up with somewhat outlandish methods to make shorter rifles still able to attack men on horse.

This is a a very unusual bayonet, a modification of the Kårdebajonet m/1915 (Sword Bayonet Model 1915). This was T-back bayonet that could be used with the m/1889 Gevær (Rifle) from 1915–22; and beginning in 1923 and 1924 with the m/1889 Rytterkarabin (Cavalry Carbine), Ingeniørkarabin (Engineer Carbine), Fodfolkskarabin (Infantry Carbine), and Artillerikarabin (Artillery Carbine).

This special modified version is slightly shorter, with an overall length of 21", featuring an almost 18" "T" back blade with wood grip of very unusual design.  The wood grip scales are inset into the hilt and secured by flush brass rivets. The metal is in the white, and just looks great. Unlike the standard version this is made from two pieces of metal for the blade and hilt. Also unlike the standard version, this bayonet does not have any type of muzzle ring.

The reason for this was simple: the bayonet was not only for the muzzle of the rifle. The scabbard for this specially modified bayonet is also outfitted with a bayonet stand on the end, as well as a mounting fitting near the throat. In other words, the scabbard was used to extend the reach of the bayonet attached to the rifle! Together, the two have an overall length of 33 1/4 inches, substantially increasing the bayonet range, especially when mounted on a 52 inch long Gevær M/89.

The bayonet "frog" is really just a bayonet lug attached to a leather belt loop, which locks onto the bayonet fitting on the scabbard. All parts of this set are completely unmarked, as these were experimental, and never put into any type of real production.

Exceedingly rare, and in near unissued condition. Ready to display!

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