Original Czech Pre-WWII Yugoslavian Contract ZB-30J German MG30(t) Display Machine Gun Serial Б820 with 1937 Dated Magazine

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Original Item: Only One Available. The ZB30 and ZB-30J were the later versions of the famous Czechoslovakian machine gun, the ZB-26. However, the ZB30 had some design differences, making it similar to the later ZGB-33, which was an early prototype of the Bren gun. Like the ZB-26, the Wehrmacht adopted the ZB 30 after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, renaming it the MG30(t); it was used in the same role as the MG34, as a light machine gun. In the opening phases of World War II, the ZB-30 in 7.92 mm Mauser caliber was used in large numbers by elements of the German Waffen SS, who did not initially have full access to standard Wehrmacht supply channels. Considered by many to be the best LMG of WW2. Manufactured in Pre-War Czechoslovakia this was one of the finest Light Machine Guns ever produced.

The design was popular with many other countries in Europe, and the Zbrojovka Brno factory made many examples for export in both the ZB-26 and ZB-30 configurations, depending on what the country wanted. One of these countries was Yugoslavia, which did receive about 1,500 ZB-26 machine guns. They placed a larger contract for 15,000 of the ZB-30J variant, which stipulated that the Yugoslavian coat of arms would be placed on the top of the receiver. The right side of the receiver would be marked "ЗБ М. 37 (ZB M.37)". It also stipulated that the left side of the receiver would be marked in Serbian Cyrillic with "ЧЕХОСЛОВАЧКА ЗБРОЈОВКА А.Д. БРНО", which translates to "Czechoslovakia Zbrojovka A.D. Brno", the factory where they were manufactured. Later, Yugoslavia continued production under license, and these were marked with model designation "П.м.М.37" and maker marking "ВОЈНОТЕХНИЧКИ ЗАВОД КРАГУЈЕВАЦ".

After the 1941 invasion of Yugoslavia by the Axis Powers, the country was divided into various subordinate states, and weapons were pressed into service for the Axis powers. As the Yugoslavian contract guns were virtually identical to the models for domestic Czech use, they were also pressed into service as the MG30(t).

This is an original Czech Pre-WWII Yugoslavian Contract ZB-30J Display Machine Gun, fitted with an original demilled and re-welded finned barrel assembly. The display LMG is built using all original parts on an original BATF compliant non-firing display receiver, making this a 100% legal display Sub-Machine gun. This receiver was created by using portions of the original torch cut receiver, including the barrel bushing, combined with some new made steel portions. It has properly had a 25% section of the total length completely replaced entirely with solid steel bar stock. Meaning a 1/4 length section of the display receiver is solid steel, making this totally legal to own without a license of any kind. Every part on this display gun is original Pre-WWII manufacture other than 25% of the receiver replaced by solid steel (as required by BATF).

The left side of the receiver still bears part of the original markings in Serbian indicating manufacture at Brno, about half removed by the torch cuts and added steel:


Due to the how this example was originally demilitarized, the Yugoslavian crest normally on the top of the receiver was completely removed, however it still has serial number Б820 visible at the end of the receiver. This is definitively a Czech made example from Zbrojovka Brno. The magazine is an original pre-occupation CZECHOSLOVAKIA issued example, which bears the E (LION) 37 arsenal marking, indicating acceptance by the Czech arsenal in 1937. Later produced examples after the German occupation in 1939 would be Waffenamt marked. The magazine is in very good condition.

The ZB30 was widely used by the Germans in WWII and is perfect for any WW2 Collection. Beautiful condition parts and comes, as photographed with adjustable bipod and cup buttplate with shoulder rest of the very early war years. Originally made like a sewing machine, using top quality prewar craftsmanship. Magazine will be deactivated where prohibited.

Ready to display!

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