Original Czech Pre WWII Vz.35 Military Trainer Air Pellet Rifle dated 1939 - Serial 7494

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Manufactured at the Czech Government Arsenal of "ČESKA ZBROJOVKA A.S.," in Prague, this is a Czech Army military training AIR PELLET RIFLE. Introduced in 1935 as the Vz.35 Air Rifle. These were cheap to use, silent and ideal to break in raw recruits to move onto actual firearms which of course this is not. After WWII in 1947 the simplified Vz.47 was introduced, which was cheaper to produce, as it removed extra features like the bayonet lug, and utilized many more stamped steel parts. The machined parts of the Vz.35 were much more labor intensive.

This is a great example of the earlier Vz.35 Trainer Pellet Rifle, which is in excellent condition. It has the bayonet lug and faux cleaning rod still intact, and features no German WWII markings. We do not know if the occupying forces made any attempt to use these trainers, or whether they were simply stored in arsenal. It's very possible this example made its way home with a USGI following the defeat of Germany during WWII.

This example has a serial number of 7494 stamped on the top of the receiver under the "CZECH NATIONAL RAMPANT LION LOGO" under which is marked:




There is also a marking on the side of the pellet reservoir: E7 "Lion" 39, indicating that it was produced in 1939, just before (or maybe even during) the German invasion in March 1939. One of the barrel bands is actually marked E "Lion" 34, so it probably is from Vz.24 Mauser surplus, as many of the standard components were shared with the Vz.35.

In almost MINT condition this originated in an old Gun Collection recently sold off. This is the first example we have had, and it really is a prime example. Much information about these can be found on the internet. Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: 1939
Type: Pellet Gun Trainer
Barrel Length: 20 1/2 inches
Overall Length: 43 Inches
Action type: Bolt-Action
Feed System: Pellet reservoir

NOTE: BB Guns / Pellet Guns are restricted in many areas in the United States. Please check local laws prior to ordering.

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