Original Continental Percussion Target Pistol signed R. Jenni = Wyss à Worb with Set Trigger & Globe Front Sight - dated 1860

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This pistol was beautifully made for probably "in home" Target Shooting, a fad sweeping Europe at the time. It is marked on the top of the barrel with what we assume is the makers name and location: R. JENNI = WYSS à WORB, which we believe references the town of Worb, Switzerland. There were many gunsmiths throughout Europe who made bespoke target pistols such as these, and it shows a very high level of original manufacture.

The pistol features an octagonal barrel of 8" and measuring 14 1/4" in overall length, with a caliber of around 0.37". The bore has six groove rifling, and is in very good shape, showing clear lands and grooves with a mostly bright finish. The bottom of the box lock is fitted with a large iron trigger guard with finger rest enclosing two set triggers, fairly standard for target pistols. These however operate in a peculiar way that essentially requires cocking the hammer twice but gives a very fine trigger pull. A very finicky system, but when properly set up the slightest pressure on the trigger causes the hammer to fire.

The rear of the pistol is fitted with a high quality Walnut checkered grip, terminating in a brass & nickel butt cap compartment, in which percussion caps could be stored. No fore end wood whatsoever, as these were intended to be shot single handed. The front of the barrel has a lovely "globe" style front sight, and there is an adjustable rear sight on the rear.

Most attractive and clearly a very expensive pistol in 1860. Nice collectible condition.


Year of Manufacture: 1860
Caliber: .37" Pistol
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 8 Inches
Overall Length: 14 1/4 Inches
Action: Back Action Percussion Box Lock with Set Trigger
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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