Original Cold War Soviet 1952 dated PPsh-41 Display Machine Pistol Serial BC 4111 with Drum Magazine

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. These have become very difficult to find, and this is one of the best marked examples we have ever had! This is a great Russian PPsh-41 display Machine Pistol, built on a BATF compliant non-firing dummy receiver. The lower receiver has had a portion entirely replaced by solid steel bar stock, and upper receiver has been replaced with a machined dummy portion, welded in place. The barrel is a non-functional replica, and the magazine had to have the front side ground down slightly to fit the magazine well.

This example comes complete with correct drum magazine (where permitted) and full wood stock. Serial number BC / 4111 is stamped on the receiver tang, the trigger guard, and on the left side of the wooden stock, making this at least a "partially matching" display gun. There is also the correct Soviet "CCCP" over the manufacture date of 1952, something we rarely see on these due to how they are demilitarized!

This example is really in great shape, and the top cover still opens correctly, showing the deactivated internals. There are no cracks in the stock, which looks great. This really is one of the best we have seen, and it is even dated and Soviet Russian marked! With the magazine this really has a great look!

A great display piece, ready to add to your cold war collection!

History of the PPSh-41:
The PPSh-41 (Russian: Пистоле́т-пулемёт Шпа́гина, tr. Pistolét-pulemyót Shpágina, lit. 'Shpagin's machine pistol') is a Soviet submachine gun designed by Georgi Shpagin as a cheap, simplified alternative to the PPD-40. Common nicknames are "Pe-Pe-Sha" from its three-letter prefix and "Papasha" meaning daddy.

The PPSh was a magazine-fed selective fire submachine gun using an open-bolt, blowback action. Made largely of stamped steel, it could be loaded with either a box or drum magazine, and fired the 7.62×25mm Tokarev pistol round.

The PPSh saw extensive combat use during World War II and the Korean War. It was one of the major infantry weapons of the Soviet armed forces during World War II.

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