Original Cold War F-16 Fighting Falcon Pilot Helmet of the 475th Weapons Evaluation Group

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Original Items: Only One Available. This is a very good condition genuine late 1970s early 1980s era U.S. Aviator size medium HGU-48/P flying helmet that comes with ear phones, oxygen mask, tinted bungee visor, and visor cover that bears a 475th Weapons Evaluation Group patch.

During the 80s modifications continued to be made as advances in aircrew protective helmet technology led to new products, incorporating both new materials and improved fabrication techniques. These modifications included communication upgrades, visor and external shell design, more comfortable internal liner and updated oxygen breathing mask systems. Advanced research on new Tactical life support systems led to a new generation of helmets for use in high performace aircraft and for Nuclear Biological Chemical protection. During the early 90s the USAF standard flight helmet HGU-55/P was modified to incorporate the COMBAT EDGE system designed to improve high performance fighter pilot tolerance to high G maneuvers.

The HGU-48/P made by Gentex was in the early version based on modified HGU-22/P shell (PRK-37/P was used in the later version). The shell was trimmed by a life support technician at Nellis Air Force Base to appease pilots complaining about the poor visibility and weight of the HGU-26/P. internal custom fit liner was normally used and dark grey leather sections were glued to the outside of the shell to provide a resting surface for the visor in the stowed position and prevent scarring of the helmet surface when raising or lowering visor. Snap-on visor assembly attaches to the outside shell by snap fasteners on each side was utilized. Cast retainers was used to secure the MBU-5/P or MBU-12/P oxygen masks.

Overall condition is very good.
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