Original Civil War Era French Pidault & Cordier Model RAPHAEL 11mm Centerfire Revolver

Item Description

Original Item. Only One Available. One of the earliest CENTER FIRE Revolvers known, Patented May 29th 1860. Approximately 1000 units were purchased by the U.S. Federal Government, with others being "private purchased" by serving Union Officers. These 6 shot 11mm (.42 Caliber) Center fire revolvers were the latest thing!

Never bearing any markings other than a serial number, these were not easy to load, especially in the field, and as a result are now extremely hard to find. The example we offer here is in remarkably good overall condition however the wood grips have been over refinished at some time and may be replacements, although in the correct style.

The Side loading gate swings out on right hand cylinder rear, however the gate revolvers WITH the cylinder and can therefore only be accessed when the rotation reaches the loading position. There is a smaller hole on the back of the cylinder where the hammer rests during loading, which also keeps it from interfering with cylinder rotation. Then when the loading gate is opened,  the cylinder body rotates separately from the rear of the cylinder, as the locking pin on the gate is no longer engaged. There is also a steel drift/punch that is screwed into the butt of the grip, which helps to dislodge the cartridge cases.

MOST UNUSUAL. Overall condition is good, though the hammer firing pin is worn, and the locking pin for the loading gate is also worn, and can interfere with the cylinder rotation if out of position.

Extremely rare Civil War Union Revolver

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