Original Civil War Era French Charleville Mle 1822 Percussion Converted Rifled Musket - dated 1852

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available - As used in the U.S. Civil War. This is very unusual and interesting, being both rifled and in such a good condition. This started life as a French M-1822 "Charleville" Flintlock Musket, part of the long line of French Flintlock musket versions. These were the standard muskets of the line from 1717 until the Percussion Model of 1842. This was one of the last flintlock models put into service. In the years since it was produced, it was both converted to percussion, and now has a very nice .70" rifled barrel, bored out from .69". There are various markings on the barrel and lock plate, but it looks like many markings were removed, as trade with the Confederate States had to be done discreetly. This fine example has definitely had a long and interesting history.

The stock has a nice cartouche on the left side, with an 1852 date, most likely from when it was converted to a rifled percussion musket. There are a few proof marks still visible on the barrel and lock, such as CROWN /  IP / 19, and G B in a circle.  There are also some other stock cartouches, which we have not been able to identify. Condition is quite nice, with a solid stock, which still retains the cheek cut-out on the left side. The metal work is a nice aged and polished steel, with a dull light gray patina. The bore is clear, and still shows clear rifling, with a lot of reflection, so it is not very oxidized. The lock functions correctly, holding at half cock and firing at full.

This a good representative example of the many interesting European cast-off weapons that crossed the ocean to serve during the American Civil War, and would be a nice addition to any display of imported arms, having been updated prior to sale.

In lovely condition, a French M-1822 Percussion Converted Rifle ready to research and display!


Year of Manufacture: 1830s - updated 1852
Caliber: .70" with four groove rifling
Cartridge Type: Ball and Powder
Barrel Length: 43 1/2 Inches

Overall Length: 59 Inches
Action type: Side Action Lock
Feed System: Muzzle Loaded

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