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Original Circa 1750 French Canadian Silver Mounted Flintlock Pistol Marked Montreal

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. A compellingly attractive silver mounted flintlock pistol bearing the maker name on the lock plate-

L Clerc

a Paris

This fine little pistol has a 9.5 inch iron barrel and is 16 inches in overall length. The silver long eared butt cap bears small silver markings to left side and is heavily chased with foliate decorations.

The trigger guard, two ramrod pipes, tip of the ramrod and the intricate side-plate are all constructed of silver while the he hardwood stock in decoratively carved signifying that this a fine pistol of true quality.

The very large oval silver headed butt cap securing nail whose domed head measures 1.25 x 1" is engraved with a large bird head that looks like a heron or Crane under which is engraved-

La Grue



Was La Grue a family's name or the name of a business or a tavern? The term translates to crane or heron in English. Lots of research potential here…

This is a very attractive flintlock pistol from French Canada predating, we believe, the great British victory at Quebec in 1759.

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