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Original British WWII Wood Gas Rattle with Makers Marking Dated 1945

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Original Item: Only One Available. In 1945 after the German collapse at the Battle of the Bulge and being in full retreat from the Red Army in the east there was serious concern that Hitler in his final madness might resort to poison gas as a last ditch measure.

The writing was on the wall for the Nazi elite and frankly nobody felt there was any hope of them surrendering in any honorable fashion so all contingences had to be allowed for.

Gas Masks had been required equipment from the outbreak of the war but where had all the

wooden gas rattles from WW1 gone? The answer was a swift production run in early 1945.

This is one of those rare last minute WW2 gas rattles, larger and more rugged than the WW1 equivalent. The rotating Star now had eight arms and the construction was massive and without any of the old school craftsmanship. Our example is clearly marked-

R.C.D. 1945

As it turned out gas was not used, probably because the Germans left it all too late and the horrendous casualties that might have been created were left to be dealt with by Hitler's "People's Army of old men and young boys.

Fortunately never used in battle this gas rattle remains ready to serve.


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