Original British WWII Webley & Scott No.4 Mk.1* Signal Flare Pistol - Serial 23966

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available.  This is a nice example of a WWII Webley & Scott No.4 MkI* pattern 1 1/2 inch (37mm) Flare pistol, manufactured by the Webley & Scott firm itself. These were primarily designed for use on RAF aircraft during WWII. It has distinctive locking lugs on the end of the barrel so it could be locked into a firing/locating bracket before being fired from the aircraft. This same feature is seen on many U.S. flare pistols of the time.

The pistol itself is of heavy steel construction, and a mixture of machined and cast parts. The barrel itself is cast and then machined on the front and inside, but not the sides, which gives it a rougher look. The left side of the pistol is marked No.4 MK1* over serial number 23966. The same serial number is seen on the brass trigger guard, which is just below the Webley & Scott logo on the frame. The barrel and frame have numerous British proof marks, as well as the 1 1/2" size emblem.

The design of the pistol has an interesting hammer-block safety, which is engaged using the breech latch, or the slider on the top. Additionally, this example has a brass trigger guard and what appears to be a Nickel and Copper plated frame, which would indicate possible use in the Royal Navy. The amount of corrosion present seems to suggest this as well.

In very nice condition, ready to display.

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