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Original British WWII Vickers Machine Gun Dial Sight with Bronze Mounting Bracket and Attachment Pins

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Original Items: Only One Set Available. Both officially adopted on April 4th, 1939 the Vickers Dial Sight Mark 1 and Mark 2 only differed in the material used in construction. The Mark 1 had a bronze dial and the Mark 2 a lighter Aluminum dial. This was considered the most versatile MG sight to date and each one was issued with an emergency level together with the sight itself in custom made steel transit chest.

These have always been extremely hard to find and are much prized by collectors. Our example here comes straight out of many years storage and is in full operational condition complete with the original bronze-mounting bracket arc that attaches to the left side of a Vickers MG receiver. Also included are the correct longer T-pin, Top Cover Hinge Pin, and Axis pin required to attach the dial sight bracket to the Vickers.

More information available in "The Grand Old Lady of No Man's Land" by Dolf Goldsmith, pages 518 - 519.

In fine condition mostly of aluminum construction this is truly rare!

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