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Original British WWII type Infantry Clasp Knife - Untouched Condition

Item Description

Original Item: WWII type, most show post war dates, if any dates are visible at all.

These are the type of sturdy Clasp knives issued to all British infantrymen as part of their personal equipment. Each knife is fitted with a "Sheep's Foot" Blade, (Sheep's Foot denotes the blade shape), a Can Opener, a Screw Driver and a Marlin Spike for use in knot tying and untying. The Marlin Spike, as every English school boy knows, was also used to "remove stones from Horse's hooves", something more relevant in Victorian England than in WW2.

Each Knife comes with checkered grip panels of Bakelite/Wood/Bone (?) or similar substance.

Recently found in the back of the IMA warehouse these are in Untouched "AS IS" condition; meaning just as received from military storage, totally un-cleaned and complete with all the dried grease, dirt, surface rust and damage that 30-60 odd years of abuse and neglect can inflict.

Perfect for a restoration project; all you need is steel wool, some oil (WD 40) and a little time!

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