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Original British WWII Sten Mk V Display Submachine Gun with Magazine

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Original Item: Very Few Available. Introduced in 1944, the Mk V was essentially a better-quality, more elaborate version of the Mk 2. Changes included a wooden pistol grip, a vertical wooden fore grip (only on early versions), a wooden stock, and a bayonet mount. There was a No4 Lee–Enfield foresight and the weapon was of better quality manufacture and finish than the Mk2 and Mk3. The Sten bandolier issued to paratroopers held seven full magazines.

Another variant of the Mk V had a swivel stock and rear sight mirror intended for firing around corners in urban warfare, similar to the Krummlauf developed by the Germans for the StG 44.

These display guns are constructed from original parts assembled onto a new made solid steel dummy receiver. They are fully ATF compliant as non-guns and exactly duplicate the feel and appearance of the original. Many of the parts bear original issue markings as well. The "upmarket" version of the Sten, these have a very nice blued finish on most of the metalwork.

Offered complete with original barrels, trigger mechanisms, original magazine housing assemblies, and original wooden stocks and pistol grips; these make incredible display guns. There is even an original bolt welded in place, visible through the ejection port.

Also includes functional magazine (Only where permissible by law). Otherwise an empty magazine shell will be sent.

The Mk V is generally considered to be the best of the Sten family, and was most extensively issued to airborne troops. It is widely represented in British hands in the film A Bridge Too Far. Combat photographs of British airborne troops show how extensive the use of the Mk V was.

The Mk V was designed to use an Enfield rifle sling so that it could be supported with the sling around the soldier's neck as was developed for the early Thompson Lend-Lease deliveries to Britain. This in fact represents the origin of the "assault sling" configuration, which is used almost universally today. However, this example has been fitted with a standard Sten sling in the "Two point" configuration using the barrel jacket as an attachment point. This piece includes an original magazine, where permitted. Elsewhere a deactivated magazine will be sent.

A fine original display gun fully approved by BATF to be non-functional and totally legal without any type of license.

NOTE: Magazine will be deactivated if shipped to a state where they are prohibited.

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