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Original British WWII Signal Lamp Daylight Short Range MkII with Morse Code Key

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Lamp, Electric, Signalling, Daylight, also called a Lucas Lamp, is a military signalling lamp used starting in the First World War and through until after the Second World War.

The "Lucas Lamp" was invented by Oliver Lucas in 1916 and patented by him – hence the use of the "O.L. Type" name sometimes found. While many of them were made by Joseph Lucas, Ltd., even those made by other companies were still "Lucas Lamps".

This example the lamp and component parts, all fit snugly into the two compartments of the green military issues case, the top of which is covered with canvas. The lamp can be mounted on a Helios tripod or staked in the ground, as shown in the photograph.

- The lamp unit is stamped L.A.M.
- The morse key is marked Key WT 8 AMP No.2.
- The three part stake is housed within the inside wall of the box. The lead still has it's connector pin which fits into the morse key.
- An aperture plate is provided to reduce the light output.
- Batteries are not included.

The unit and lamp have not been tested and are sold as a collectible.

The "Lucas Lamp" was invented and patented by Oliver Lucas in 1916.  Many  were made by the infamous Lucas Industries lamp manufacturer Joseph Lucas Ltd. or J.L Ltd of Birmingham, UK.  However, signalling lamps made by other companies were still referred to as "Lucas Lamps" or "O.L Lamps."

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