Original British WWII RAF Gyro Gun Sight Recorder Camera MK.2 with Spare Tape in Transit Chest

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice British Air Ministry marked Gyro Gun Sight (G.G.S.) Recorder Camera, Mk2, in very good condition. It comes complete with its original transit case, as well as spare Tape Magazine. These were fitted to the Gun sights in various British fighter aircraft, to record what was being seen through the sight. The top of the recorder is marked:

(Broad Arrow)
24 V.
XX 14094

The top of the wooden case is also marked, indicating that it is the case for the above recorder. This unit is in very good condition, possibly unissued.

A gyro gunsight (G.G.S.) is a modification of the non-magnifying reflector sight in which target lead (the amount of aim-off in front of a moving target) and bullet drop are calculated automatically. The first examples were developed in Britain just before the Second World War for use during aerial combat, and more advanced models were common on Allied aircraft by the end of the war.

The amount of lead required to hit a target is a function of the rate of turn of the attacking aircraft and the range to the target. The former is measured using a gyroscope in the sight, while the later is estimated by the pilot by moving a dial or pointer so that a reticle in the sight matches the wingspan of the target. Post-war models added a small radar to automate the range measurement; these are known as radar gunsights.

Gyro sights usually contained more than one reticle to assist in proper aiming: a fixed one, often just a dot, signifying the direction the guns are pointing, a moving one showing the corrected aiming point, and a ring to match to a target plane's known wingspan. A particularly advanced model, the K-14 found in the North American P-51 Mustang, had separate projectors and displays for air and ground attacks.

It was often useful post combat to examine how well the G.G.S and fighter pilot were tracking. The recorder clipped into the gun sight, and the small aperature on the bottom of the recorder reflects onto the lens. The recorder has a 24V power cord which plugged into side of the sight.

The case and recorder are fully marked as shown, complete with broad arrow and Air Ministry markings.

Case measures approximately 9 1/2" x 6" x 2 ".

A great chance to own a piece of military history. Ready to display!

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