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Original British WWII "Golliwog" Doll Recovered from the London Blitz

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is probably the saddest and most personal item we've ever offered: it is a little 4 year old girl's "Gollywog", found in a bombed out house in London's East End during the Blitz Air raids of WW2.

Unobtainable today as it is totally incorrect Politically but not in England's 1930's and 1940's. This was recovered an A.R.P. Officer who was first on the scene to a totally destroyed Row House in which both parents and their four year old daughter lived and then all died in the Air Raid. A "Golliwog" was a "Black Raggedy Anne" doll that all British Children were brought up to love. The character itself was the creation of Florence Kate Upton, whose illustrated children's book The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg introduced the character in 1895. The Golliwog symbol went on to become the logo of Robertson's brand Marmalades, Preserves, and Mincemeat, one of of England's greatest JAM Manufacturers. As a child IMA Director Christian Cranmer used to collect Golliwog Labels issued by the Company in the 1950's. Before Political Correctness, Golliwogs were much loved and treasured by British Children well into the 1970s.

Our Gollywog, is a soft stuffed probably hand sewn doll depicting a cartoon image of a man of color, it is almost 12" tall wearing a pair of red pants and a blue tailed coat. The doll has large circular fabric eyes and a fabric red sunshine smile. Most probably the little girl's favorite possession. It came from the A.R.P. Officer grandson who recalled that his grandfather always wept whenever the item was discussed and would never part with it. The doll shows some damage, one arm is only just attached and the other is partially cut off, however this is a poignant reminder of the futility of War .

Totally untouched and uncleaned since it was recovered from the bomb site, ready to display as a sad reminder of the Battle of Britain and the toll it took on civilians.

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