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Original British WWII Escape Coin Given to RAF Pilots- Dated 1940

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Original Item: Only One Item Available. This coin is a KING GEORGE VI HALF CROWN dated 1940, in those days called in "slang" half a dollar.

In WW2 the conversion was $4.00 USD to one pound sterling, today it's about $1.65.

This Half Crown or Two Shillings and Sixpence had been altered; attached to it was a semi circular blade apparently for use as a wire cutter. Heaven knows if this actually worked or if any of these coins ever saved a downed airman. Anyway, even at eight years old he was fascinated with WW2 and the coin has stayed with him ever since.

The British introduced a lot of weird gimmicks hoping to fool the Germans and this certainly qualifies as one of them!

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