Original British WWII Escape Coin Given RAF Pilots

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Item Available. This coin was given to IMA’s owner Christian by his father upon leaving for boarding school in 1953, it is a KING GEORGE VI HALF CROWN dated 1942, in those days called in "slang" half a dollar.

In WW2 the conversion was $4.00 USD to one pound sterling, today it's about $1.65.

Half a Crown or Two Shillings and Sixpence was a fortune to the young Christian but there was a catch. This Half Crown had been altered; attached to it was a semi circular blade apparently for use as a wire cutter. Heaven knows if this actually worked or if any of these coins ever saved a downed airman. Anyway, even at eight years old he was fascinated with WW2 and the coin has stayed with him ever since.

In truth, it was long forgotten and he just found it in a drawer someone else’s little boy would like to treasure it now. The British introduced a lot of weird gimmicks hoping to fool the Germans and this certainly qualifies as one of them!

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