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Original British WWII Dated Bren LMG MK 1 Sling with Two Snap Hooks

Item Description

Original Item: Shows WW2 Dates! When the British forces adopted the Bren Light Machine Gun, it was clear that it required a longer sling than the sling currently issued for the Lee-Enfield series of rifles.

Since the design of the Enfield sling had proven quite satisfactory in all other respects, a sling for the Bren gun was developed which was the same as the sling for the rifles except that it was longer, 52 inches instead of 44 inches.

The original Bren Mark I was equipped with two small ring attachments for the sling, requiring a snap hook on each end of the sling. The later Bren Mark II had one ring attachment and one sling swivel of conventional rifle dimensions, so that the sling for the Mark II had only one snap hook. IMA now has both types of Bren slings available. This is the Mark 1 with two snap hooks.

Note: The snap hooks come with tropical issue black paint finish.

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