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Original British WWII Civil Defense Helmet for Air Raid Use - Marked TOWN HALL

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Original Item: One Only. Only now with Cable Television do we begin to realize that WW2 was fought every bit as much at home as on the front lines. The German BLITZ and fire bombing of the years 1940 and 1941 almost brought England to it's knees. The daily mass attacks now seen on old newsreels shows just how much the civilian population suffered and in turn contributed to the war effort.

Here we have an early WW2 Steel Helmet loosely referred to as for CIVIL DEFENSE but was issued to all types of personal from Fire Spotters, Anti Aircraft Battery crews and all types of local officials. This helmet is completely standard issue however, romantically, is marked up in old white paint across the front TOWN HALL and on the interior ILKESTON 3. It comes with it's correct canvas liner, chin strap AND carry strap, and is stamped 1941 on the underside of the rear skirt.

ILKESTON is a manufacturing town just west of NOTTINGHAM on the road to DERBY. It is considered part of the industrial midlands and was a ripe target for German Bombers.

As it happens IMA Owner Christian Cranmer used to sell dress material to two factories in Ikeston in his former life, when just 24 years old and has have always had a soft spot for those very kind and friendly people of the area.

A fine WW2 Home Front Helmet just as it was in WW2.

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