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Original British WWII Brodie Helmet Waxed Camo Cover with Havelock

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Item Description

Original Item: Actually made in Canada during WW2, these Tommy Helmet covers are marked with Maker's name and date. Each is manufactured from, what would almost appear to be Oil Cloth, these are "elastic" edged helmet covers with Havelocks (Neck Guards).

These are exceptionally rare and VERY FRAGILE after 65+ years of storage, as most were un-issued and are being unfolded by IMA for the very first time. Each Cover must be soaked in very warm water (below boiling) to soften to hardened finish prior to helmet installation. Water repellant so these were a welcome accessory in bad weather, sadly very few survived the war. IMA inspects every cover prior to shipment and will not knowingly ship and damaged cover, however, some very minor tears may still be present as they can be hard to detect.

Due to the fragile nature of these covers, all sales are final, as the likelihood of damage will arise if they are not treated with gentle care upon first installation. Once the cover is soaked then installed, it is typically quite durable and water repellent.

Note: cover with havelock only. Helmet pictured is not included.

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